So, on my way to pick up my older son from preschool, my animal-loving son, Brody, started asking me if I could ride any animal which one it would be.  This is how many of our conversations have been going lately.  He is just all about animals!  I replied to him that I'd be delighted to ride a camel or an elephant.  he told me that I was way off and that we needed to go to the zoo and ride the zebras.  I got a kick out of that so I figured that would be number 3 out of the 4 animals I'm going to paint for now. 

I'm planning on painting four "safari" type animals that would look good in any animal-loving child's room.  Next I'm planning on painting some more sports and ballerina/flower type themes.  It sure is a fun break from the normal people painting I've been doing lately.  :)